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Retailer Services
Gain visibility for your business and learn more about the companies you buy from.

As a retailer you can take advantage of the following:

  • JBT Listing
    JBT will include you in our database of jewelry-related businesses at no cost so you’ll be on the radar of thousands of suppliers. Learn more about the benefits of becoming listed and rated.
  • Accurate Ratings
    Good credit is a competitive advantage in today’s challenging marketplace. That’s why we invite you to update your information with JBT so it’s current and complete. With added data, your credit report and rating will be more accurate and your company will be more qualified which is critical when suppliers are deciding if and how to extend credit. Learn more about credit reporting.

Want More?

Consider becoming a member of JBT to better know your suppliers, monitor your credit rating, and more.  Information is a two-way street.  Your vendors know about you; shouldn’t you know about them?  

  • Full Membership 
    Take advantage of all JBT has to offer with an unlimited use of all JBT products and services. Learn More.
  • Retail Membership
    JBT tailored services specific to the Retailer. Learn more.

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