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  • Who are JBT’s members?
    Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and other suppliers of jewelry or related products who need credit and collection tools to assess their vendor and customer accounts' credit status as well as monitoring their status while receivables are outstanding. In addition, other service oriented firms such as banks and insurance companies maintain membership for the access it gives them to our extensive database of historical and current information on over 70,000 businesses within the jewelry industry.
  • Why consider membership?
    • Make informed decisions about your business partners.
    • Get paid with the leverage JBT brings to the table.
    • Find new customers from over 26,000 jewelry related companies.
    • Stay informed with JBT's Business Intelligence through our data reporting.
  • What are the benefits and cost of membership?
    For the latest information visit our membership page.
  • What is a JBT listing, and how does it differ from membership?
    A listing indicates you are included in JBT’s database of businesses. Listed businesses are eligible for a JBT credit rating based on a compilation of data supplied by you, the experience shared by our members, and supplemental sources. Over 70,000 businesses are currently listed with us, and our members can access information on any of these businesses. To initiate a listing on your business, visit our become listed and rated page.

    Membership is dues-based and entitles you to access JBT’s vast database of relevant and useful credit and financial information on listed businesses, along with a host of other services.
  • Does JBT make credit recommendations to its members?
    No, JBT provides its members with valuable tools and resources to assist in making informed credit decisions.
  • Why use JBT's collection services?
    Claims placed by JBT members appear in the debtor's credit report which can impact payment scores. Collection claims are also included in the weekly New Claims & Bankruptcy report.

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