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Since 1884, JBT members join for access to industry specific credit reporting, collections, and marketing services.

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  • Who Can Get Listed with JBT?
    Any business or individual in the jewelry industry, U.S. based or international, may qualify for a listing with JBT. There is no charge to be listed.
  • Why Should I Get Listed?
    Most wholesalers, manufacturers and service providers in the jewelry industry are members of The Jewelers Board of Trade®. Upon receiving orders or even requests for a catalog, JBT members will draw credit reports to review information on a business, check creditworthiness, and confirm address, ownership and operations. Members also use this data to qualify new prospects. Major trade shows review JBT data in their registration process to qualify businesses for show attendance. “Listing” with JBT lets suppliers know there is data available for them to use in their credit review process and may help to expedite establishing a business relationship with you.
  • How Much Information Must I Provide?
    You are not required to submit financial information to obtain a “listing” however, it is necessary to provide pertinent information such as principals, method of operation, antecedents, and references. Remember, the more information you provide, the better representation we can provide to inquiring firms on your behalf.
  • How Do I Get Listed?
    Complete a JBT listing form and fax it to 1-800-490-5268. It's free to be listed.

     Listing Form
  • How Do I Get Rated?
    All JBT listed accounts receive a descriptive rating that may include a Capital Rating or an “Other Condition Code” and a Payment Score component. To qualify for a payment score, trade references must be from companies listed with JBT and a sufficient number of current responses must be on file.

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