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Find New Customers

Grow your business with a JBT marketing list.  This is in addition to the Red Book, Mobile App and Red Book Mini.  Red Books can also be compiled by territory for sales purposes (hard copy and Mobile App ).

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Know Your Business Partners - Reduce Risk
Because you deal with products that are so highly valued, the more you know about your business partners, (be they customers or suppliers) the better your ability to protect those assets and reduce your risk. And the way to do that is with deep, time-critical credit intelligence that only The Jewelers Board of Trade® can provide.  Learn more »
Get Paid - Improve Business Results
Time is money, and late payers can cost you a lot of both. That’s why JBT’s Collection Services make so much sense. They’re easy to access, economical, and effective. Learn more »
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Our members are members because they know that having access to the right information isn’t just important to their business, it’s critical. That’s why we provide our members with on-demand credit reports and Weekly Alerts that detail New Business Listings, Credit Rating Changes, New Claims and Bankruptcy information, companies that hit our Frequent Inquiry list, and key industry updates.

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JBT is here to help you.

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Get all the answers to important retailer questions about listings, credit reports and ratings, and the benefits of being a JBT member.  5 Simple Steps to Get the Credit you Deserve  

To monitor your business partners, industry news and your credit rating, Join JBT - Dues Apply

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About JBT

The Jewelers Board of Trade® is the only organization dedicated solely to providing credit reporting, collections and marketing services to the jewelry industry. Our database of over 70,000 jewelry industry-related businesses provides JBT members with the latest information to support their credit decision processes.  While our focus has historically been on the North American market, we're broadening our scope to establish a more global database and services offering for the international jewelry community.

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Any business or individual in the jewelry industry, worldwide, in any capacity, may qualify to obtain a listing with JBT.  It's free to be listed - simply complete a standard listing form  and submit it to the JBT.