Current State of the Industry - April 2023

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Learn from JBT President, Erich Jacobs, as he provides comprehensive insights into the current state of the industry, market trends, and predictions on what the future holds for the fine jewelry industry.

Understanding & Protecting Memo Transactions

Understanding and Protecting Memo Transactions
Do you sell on Memo?   Have you protected your goods in the event your customer files bankruptcy?
JBT now offers a UCC Filing Service to protect your goods through our partner CLAS.  Pricing is less than half of that charged by Attorneys offering UCC filing services.

6 SEO Myths that Need Busting for Retailers and More.

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Watch this webinar to learn how new customer trends impact purchase decisions.  A step-by-step guide to improving your Google My Business (GMB) listing and actionable tips on gathering more high-quality reviews quickly for your store

Dealing with Data in the Digital and Online Jewelry Trading Environment

Dealing with data in the digital and online  jewelry trading environment.

Learn how jewelry businesses operate in an increasingly digital environment, and more specifically on the implications, opportunities and pitfalls of working with big data, particularly where it is related to consumers at the retail end of the distribution chain.

Understanding Selling Made in the USA

Made in the USA Advertising Learn about the FTC Made in USA rule text and what it means. Why the change from “enforcement policy” to “rule” matters and conflict between this rule and Customs country of origin declaration requirements.

Best Practices on Protecting Your Rights as a Creditor

Best Practices on Protecting Your rights as a Creditor
Learn about recent changes in legislation, as well as potential future changes based on COVID-19, and business practices you can adopt in order to best protect your rights as a creditor.


Protect Yourself from Fraud and Risks when Trading Online

Protect Yourself from Fraud and Risks when Trading Online
In this webinar, you will attain the knowledge and tools to protect yourself and trade more safely online.


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