Members have online access to over 60,000 listed companies and Enhanced Members receive 5 free credit reports annually. If a company is not in our database, we’ll begin an investigation for the cost of a single credit report.

JBT credit reports provide:

  • Payment scores based on a rolling average of payment days based upon agreed upon terms
  • Claims placed with our Collections department, along with the status of each claim
  • A summary of trade information within the report
  • Listing of Officers/Owners including background information
  • UCC activity, indicating lien filings/financing statements
  • Notification of prior business listing for the officers/owners, business failures, bankruptcy filings, criminal records, etc.
  • Notification of prior business closures leaving unpaid trade obligations with JBT Collections Department
  • Location owned or leased
  • Size of store, # of employees
  • Insurance coverage 
  • Types of products and services provided
  • Several other key facts

Knowing who you are doing business with is a key component to protecting yourself and your business

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Members trust JBT credit reports to

Assess Risk

Maintain information on an existing account or qualify a new account

Make Credit Decisions

Determine whether to extend credit

Monitor Changes

Credit ratings, collection claims, recent  developments impacting payments and more

Comply with Anti-Money Laundering Laws 

Stay current with information on your customers

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